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Published: 12/27/2010 - Viewed: 1545

Tamkeen and the National Institute for Industrial Training (NIIT) sign agreement to recruit and train 100 Bahrainis in various engineering skills

Tamkeen and the National Institute for Industrial Training signed a contractual agreement to recruit and train 100 Bahrainis as part of Tamkeens Human Capital Development Projects. The National Institute for Industrial Training will provide Engineering Multi Skills (EMS) training in partnership with Wigan and Leigh College - UK.

The contract was signed on behalf of Tamkeen by the Vice President  for the Enterprise and Human Capital Development - Dr. Ahmed Abdul Ghani Al-Sheikh, and  the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the National Institute for Industrial Training- Mr. Emad Al Moayyed.

The contract, worth BD 390 thousand, is to recruit and train 100 Bahraini graduates from secondary schools for  entry  to the labor market by providing the opportunity to take advantage of the specialized  engineering skills training offered by the Institute. The duration of the training sessions is for a period of 9 months -full time.

In a press statement Dr. Ahmed Abdul Ghani Al Sheikh, stressed the importance of this training programme, for human capital development which comes at the initiative of the National Institute for Industrial Training. He added: "After completion of this programme the trainees have a good chance of acquiring further advanced skills in four of the engineering skills required in the labour market: mechanical engineering; electrical and electronic  engineering; automotive engineering, and fabrication and welding.  The second phase of the EMS programme enables trainees to specialise in one of these four engineering disciplines. "

Dr. Ahmed Abdul Ghani also stated: "Registration will start for new secondary school graduates with priority for students of technical disciplines or with industrial  experience, as all training courses in this programme are licensed by the Ministry of Labour. Graduates will receive certificates from the National Institute for Industrial Training Partner -Wigan and Leigh College - UK. "

For his part, the Chairman of the National Institute for Industrial Training - Mr. Emad Al Moayyed  stated: "The training experience which is characterized by the National Institute of Industrial Training is essential in the field of modern industries," Mr Al Moayyed  stressed  "The close cooperation between  the Institute and the companies operating in the industrial sector of the Kingdom of Bahrain, has enabled the  training programmes offered by the  Institute to meet the needs of the labour market by providing employment for skilled Bahrainis trained according to the most accurate professional qualifications available due to the Institutes partnership with one of the most important and experienced  engineering institutes in the UK. "

Mr. Emad Al Moayyed speaking about the benefits of the training programmes in the Institute said: Trainees will engage in many businesses and jobs provided by Bahrain's labour market in various industrial specialisations in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The jobs available are well paid, starting from BD 300, and they provide good opportunities for career development and advancement through further training and development to gain more skills, capabilities and expertise. There is no doubt that the industrial sector is one of the most important economic sectors for expansion and growth and can provide a secure future for all those who choose to participate in the programme. "

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